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YHA Affiliated Hostels and Bunkhouses : Including a List of Ex Youth Hostels.

The YHA have sold many of their hostels over the last 20 years and some of these have been rescued from closure by individuals, families and charities or local interest groups. These independent hostels have in some cases affiliated back into the YHA and are continuing as both Youth Hostels and Independent Hostels, these are displayed on the map below. Others are operate without marketing from the YHA and these are listed below the map. However they are operating, with or without the YHA, it is independent individuals who have rescued these buildings and enabled then to continue to provide great value self catering accommodation to help all, especially those of limited means, to a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside.

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Ex Youth Hostels which are no longer affiliated to the YHA or SYHA

Many YHA bunkhouses and hostels which are now operating as Independent Hostels, are no longer part of the YHA network.  These are youth hostels that the YHA sold or stopped leasing. Individuals, families and local interest groups have taken on these properties and opened their doors once more as Independent Hostels.

In addition to the accommodation below, there are over 20 camping barns in operation independently. The  YHA removed support from the last of these in 2017. Here is a link to the details of these camping barns.

With the YHA’s policy of closing down  Youth Hostels, many communities have seen their local youth hostel close after many years.  These homely establishments have quietly provided shelter for walkers, cyclists and tourists over the years.  There presence has brought income and new faces into isolated rural communities.   For a few lucky places this is not the end of the story. These youth hostels have been bought or re-leased and opened their doors once more as Independent Hostels, some affiliating to the YHA marketing services and some relying on there own resources and the Independent Hostels UK Network.   You have found on this page a record of  ex youth hostels  that have joined the IHUK network for a new lease of life.   New youth hostels are joining the IHUK network all the time, so check back to this page anytime to see what new hostels have joined the Independent Hostels network.