Green Policy

Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold AwardHostels and Bunkhouse are a natural way to take a low impact environmentally friendly holiday.  Find out more about Green Hostels here.

Independent Hostels UK has been awarded Gold by the Green Tourism Business.  We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities and to continually improve our environmental performance. This is an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods, which we review regularly. We encourage our members, readers and suppliers to do the same.

What we have done already

  • Our solar panels generate twice as much energy as our office uses.
  • We reuse all cardboard packaging.
  • All paper in our office is purchased as recycled paper and then used on both sides.
  • We print with Deltor, who generate 120kw of their own electricity from renewable resources to power the presses.
  • We print with Blackmore who use recycled papers and environmentally friendly inks
  • We recycle any waste that can no longer be reused.
  • We purchase Carbon Neutral Gas and Electricity from Bulb.
  • We use recycled toilet roll and environmentally friendly soap in our office toilet.
  • We have joined the GTBS and achieved the GOLD award.
  • We promote the benefits of green travel to our readers
  • Our website allows readers to search for green hostels and bunkhouses.
  • There are symbols for GTBS awards and green ethos on the hostels website features.
  • Our website has an Eco-Hostels page.  This displays the grades achieved by hostels with GTBS awards.
  • Our guidebook has a page about GTBS.
  • There are symbols for GTBS awards and green ethos on the hostels printed features.
  • We send email Newsletters to our readers promoting the benefits of green travel and GTBS.
  • We encourage hostel and bunkhouse owners  to join the GTBS.
  • We pass on environmentally friendly tips to hostel and bunkhouse owners.
  • We provide a “Green Issues” message board for hostel and bunkhouse owners to add their tips.
  • Our “Items Wanted and Available” message board is used for up-cycling of hostel equipment
  • We support local charities (The Grand Pavilion restoration group)  and community groups (BMW Brass Band)
  • We have twinned our office loo with a toilet in Afghanistan via  the Tearfund charity.
  • We publish a Green Charter  “How to be a good green hosteller

What we plan to do

As well as continuing with the above we are committed to provide the following:

  • Print our books and leaflets on Recycled Paper whenever possible.
  • Purchase Carbon Offset from The Woodland Trust to cover our transport.

We have been awarded GOLD by the Green Tourism Business Scheme

The IHUK office and many of our hostels are members of the GTBS Green Tourism Business Scheme.  We are audited by their assessors to ensure we are using the most environmentally friendly practices.  Green Tourism is the largest sustainable certification body of its kind. Look out for the symbols on the hostel pages to see who has achieved the grading. The IHUK office has been awarded GOLD.