Independent Hostels Declares a Climate Emergency

Independent Hostels was founded in 1993 by Sam Dalley who realised that independent hostels across the UK lacked a unified voice that larger, YHA hostels had. As many independent hostels are in isolated places, she wanted to create a platform where hostels could feel part of a wider community. Independent Hostels provides a space where holiday makers, families, groups, schools, travellers, and outdoor enthusiasts can find affordable accommodation in incredible locations.

Independent Hostels has seen many changes over the last 30 years, such as moving from print to digital and embracing social media. Always with the belief that travel makes the world a better place. It helps people learn about the world we live in, open up new possibilities, make meaningful connections and support local communities.

With this in mind, we are also painfully aware that UK travel has a huge detrimental impact on the environment. Transportation to a hostel and running a hostel that requires constant maintenance is carbon intensive. Not to mention, swathes of tourists in Areas of Natural Beauty can lead to the destruction of delicate eco systems. This is catalising a climate emergency that is becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency

That is why we have decided to follow in the footsteps of other companies within our industry and publicly declare a climate emergency by becoming a signatory to Tourism Declares. We will also be encouraging the 360+ hostels within our network to do the same. Our voices are louder together!

We know we can’t solve all of UK tourism’s problems. Solving the climate emergency would take a huge U turn from the government, billionaire corporations being held accountable for their actions and big changes in people’s day to day lives. In the meantime, Independent Hostels can do our part to reduce waste and carbon emissions, speak about our action plan publicly and encourage others to do the same.

Independent Hostels UK has been awarded Gold by the Green Tourism Business. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities and to continually improve our environmental performance. We have over 360 hostels in our network, and we encourage our hostels to do the same.