Tyncornel Hostel formerly part of the YHA

Tyncornel Hostel from the angle of the road. With a little girl waving at the gate.

Anyone who was a keen hosteller in their youth will know and love Tyncornel Hostel

How Tyncornel came to be

Tyncornel opened as a YHA hostel in 1967 and had a big 50th anniversary celebration there in 2017. The farmer who sold the hostel to YHA back in 1967 acted as hostel warden, until he died in the late 80s.  Since then, the hostel has operated with volunteer wardens, each spending just a week or a fortnight at the hostel.

Tyncornel became private youth hostels in 2007

Tyncornel Hostel was a sweet, little YHA hostel in the Elenydd Valleys that had a loyal supporter base of Youth Hostellers. Probably thanks to it’s friendly nature and amazing location. It was a shock to all when the YHA put Tyncornel Hostel and it’s sister hostel Dolgoch Hostel up for sale in 2007! Upset at the loss of these remote hostels, the supporters set up their own trust “ELENYDD WILDERNESS HOSTELS TRUST”. They aimed to buy the two hostels. In January 2007 they began operating Tyncornel Hostel as a private youth hostel under a lease. While fundraising to purchase Dolgoch Hostel. In Autumn 2007, to everyone’s delight, they bought Dolgoch Hostel too!

For the following 7 years Dolgoch and Tyncornel hostels remained affiliated to the YHA as private youth hostels. Renovations also took place to improve comfort at the hostels. These renovations were very thoughtful as it was important to maintain the character and eco credentials of the building.

The YHA cuts ties with Tyncornel Hostel

During this period the YHA renamed them as bunkhouses due to their simple, undemanding nature. Then in 2017, the YHA excluded both these private youth hostels from their marketing scheme. Despite many appeals and national publicity, these two hostels were forced to rely on their own marketing and the Independent Hostels Network for all their publicity. The good news is, despite many adversities, both hostels are thriving without support from the YHA.

Tyncornel Hostel today

Like many businesses, Tyncornel Hostel took a hit during the pandemic. They had to close their doors for some time and are still experiencing the after effects of the pandemic that rocked the nation.

However as the pandemic fades into history, Tyncornel Hostel is becoming stronger year on year. There is always a revolving door of individuals and couples during the week and larger, group bookings during the weekend. Tyncornel Hostel is located on the Cambrian way and this means lots of lovely walkers rest their head at Tyncornel Hostel, either in the hostel or nearby campsite.

Tyncornel Youth Hostel has been a traditional simple youth hostel for many years, offering warmth and restoration in the wild Elenydd valleys of South Wales. Now an Independent Hostel Tyncornel Hostel continues to thrive, providing comfort and company to walkers and cyclists in these wilds. It can be booked via its own website and the Independent Hostel network.


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