Loch ness, Fort William, Inverness, The Great Glen: Bunkhouses, Bothies & Hostels

This map of the Great Glen including Fort William, Inverness and Loch Ness shows bunkhouses, bothies & hostels near Lochness: Part of Independent Hostels UK, the largest network of bunkhouses and hostels in the UK.

This map shows the locations of our range of Independent Hostels along the Great Glen, around Fort William, Inverness and the infamous Loch Ness. Hostels in Inverness are great for city breaks: exploring the beautiful castles, cathedrals, and art galleries, or just experiencing the thrill of the city itself. These central Inverness hostels are also a great alternative to airport Hotels, and their low cost won’t put a big toll on your holiday expenses. Not only are they great for city breaks, our hostels are also well equipped for adventurous holidays in more rural locations, and if you are more of an adventurous person, can you think of a better place to go exploring than by the Loch Ness? The excitement of staying right by the Loch Ness, in the centre of all the spooky origin tales of Nessie, the legendary LochNess Monster! Whether you’re a sceptic or a true mystic believer, go and see for yourself whether Nessie actually lurks under the murky waters of Scotland’s infamous Loch Ness. Fort William is often know at the outdoor capital of the UK. Towered over by Ben Nevis and just around the bend from Glen Nevis and the superb mountain pass at  Glencoe The astounding parallel roads of Glen Roy are accessible from nearby Roy Bridge. Independent Hostels are privately, owned like B&B, but in every other way they are different. They provides self catering facilities and a warm and buzzing social atmosphere. Hostels and bunkhouses are family friendly, and great for meeting new people to share your adventures with. There are often other people staying in these hostels that can show you around. Private rooms in hostels are amazingly affordable and dormitories even cheaper, so if you’re looking for low budget but super accommodation take a look at these Independent Hostels. They are equipped with a range of facilities, often including: en suit rooms, self catering, WiFi, drying rooms, clothes washing facilities, catered food, dormitories, private rooms, and possibly more.