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Staying in Scottish independent hostels and bunkhouses is a friendly way to tour Scotland on a budget. Self-catering facilities and stays as short as one night enable couples, individual travellers and families to experience amazing landscapes and local communities. Scottish bunkhouses and hostels also provide ideal accommodation for groups, particularity outdoor groups, with sole use of large kitchens and dining rooms. There are nearly a hundred privately-run Scottish hostels in the Independent Hostels UK network, providing accommodation in remote islands, small communities and vibrant cities and towns. Glenfinnan Train Photograph: ©VisitScotland / Kenny Lam, all rights reserved.

Scottish independent hostels & bunkhouses
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Accommodation for mountaineers, climbers and mountain bikers in Scottish independent hostels.

The first Scottish independent hostels were established in the 1980’s, primarily as bases for mountaineers and hill walkers. Since then the number of hostels and bunkhouses has grown to produce a large network of self-catering accommodation. Much of the accommodation is in areas sort after for their outdoor activities and stunning scenery. You can go mountain biking and trekking in the hills and mountains or enjoy water sports and fishing on the lochs. Scotland is the ideal destination for outdoor activities and bunkhouses and hostels have the ideal facilities. Boot rooms, drying racks and areas for washing down equipment are often available. Self-catering facilitates, optimised for groups, makes great value holidays.

Touring Scotland and independent travel.

There are now Scottish independent hostels in all the major tourist cities and towns of Scotland. Others are in wild areas of the Highlands and Islands and are surrounded by stunning scenery. Scottish independent hostels are well known as a great resource for touring Scotland by car, by bike or on public transport. Bunkhouse and hostels are unique in that they provide self-catering accommodation where you can stay for as short as one night. Ideal for touring on a budget and something that you cannot find at a hotel, B&B or self-catering cottage.

Accommodation for Groups in Scottish independent hostels.

All the hostels and bunkhouses in Scotland love to provide accommodation for groups. You can send a group enquiry or use the Facilities icon on the toolbar at the top of this site to see a list of hostels with exactly the facilities your group requires.

How to find accommodation with the facilities and location you require

To find the hostels and bunkhouses perfect for your holiday you can use the filters at the top of this website. You can search by Location, by local activities, by Facilities and if you know your dates, by Availability. Using one filter after another combines the results, so you can search for hostels near Fort William which are close to cycle routes and have private rooms.