Old School Hostel formerly Trefin Youth Hostel

A landscape image of the Pembrokeshire coast with cliffs, interesting geology, green grass and the sea is blue. Also the sky looks lovely with big fluffy white clouds. This scene in near to Old School Bunkhouse

This youth hostel belonged to a local church and had been leased to the YHA since 1968. The hostel was majorly reformed in 1992 when the two large, high ceiling school rooms were fitted with an upstairs floor which accommodated six bedrooms with 2 to 6 beds. This new design fitted the hostel well as it is perfect for giving privacy for families, couples, and groups.

Despite the the fact Trefin Youth Hostel had been part of the YHA for over 50 years, the YHA began to pull their funding from the hostel in 2006. But, thankfully the hostel was saved by lovely Sue Whitmore and Chris Clements.  They took on the lease with the aim to provide comfortable, eco-friendly accommodation. A special thing about this hostel is Sue and Chris plant a new tree for every booking they receive. Ideal of you’re looking for a coastal holiday with a conscience.

In 2019 after many years of running Old School Hostel, Sue and Chris retired. They handed the reins over to Paul and Helen. They are looking forward to welcoming many more walkers, friends, holiday makers. It is the people who make the Old School Hostel such a special place.

We have no doubt that Old School Hostel will be running for another 50 years and beyond! As the Youth Hostel Association so eloquently said: “This hostel is one of many, both in this country and abroad, where people, regardless of race or creed, may spend the night. The buildings are diverse in character. But they have a common purpose: to help all, especially those of limited means, to a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside.”


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