What is an Independent Hostel?

What’s the difference between an independent hostel and a youth hostel?

In the UK it is just a matter of who owns them.  Independent hostels are privately owned and youth hostels are owned by the YHA or Hostelling Scotland.

Who are Independent Hostels UK

We are a small team that provide marketing, networking, and a booking platform for the independent hostels of the UK.  Independent Hostels UK is the glue that ties the UK’s hostels and bunkhouses together.

Meet the Team

What is a Hostel?

A hostel is any accommodation that has a shared aspect to its accommodation.  Some hostels provide social housing but independent hostels only provide tourist or holiday accommodation.  These vary from outdoor centres to city party hostels, so we have a whole section where you can find just the right type of hostel for you.

What’s a hostel

There are hundreds of independent hostels across the UK.  Take a tour with Tom IHG to find out more about them.