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For just £160 you can join IHUK and receive the following services:-

A feature on our website to advertise your bunkhouse

Your accommodation will have its own feature on our website with links to your own website and social networking if you have them.  We can also link to your on-line booking system and we do not take a commission from your bookings.  Visitors to your feature are tracked through Google analytics and your accommodation is marked on our user-friendly maps powered by Google.

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A Feature in our handbook to advertise your bunkhouse

The Independent Hostel Guide is the UK’s only handbook for bunkhouse and hostel accommodation. Your hostel will have an entry featuring two photos and essential information about your accommodation, there is an option to add 5 extra photos with out montage service. The Guide is printed annually and distributed through book shops, tourist information centres and bunkhouses and hostels in England, Scotland and Wales. Your bunkhouse will be entered for the next edition, printed in January.


Membership to Independent Hostels UK (IHUK)

IHUK promote all members’ accommodation at outdoor shows such as the Telegraph Outdoor Show in London and as a member you will have a chance to join us to visit the show, help on the stand and meet other hostel owners.  Members of the IHUK network are given access to the member’s message board where bunkhouse and hostel owners offer advice on the latest scams and useful services. You will also be able to post Natters. These are short timely messages (like tweets) that appear on the home page of our website getting some great free exposure. These posts may be special offers, local events…..virtually anything !  Your Natters are also promoted on our own social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Google+).

advertise your hostel with Independent Hostels UK

Publicity on the Long Distance Walkers Association’s Website and on the Ifootpath local walks website.

Your accommodation will be included in the Long Distance Walkers Association’s resources directory.    Long Distance Paths in your area will include links to your accommodation.   Viewers of your feature will be able to access information about shorter local walks from the iFootpath website, and anyone looking at those walks on iFootpath will see a link to your feature on our website.

advertise your hostel with LDWA and Ifootpath


Group Bookings

Groups are able to request accommodation through the group enquiry button on our website.   This is a popular service and every group enquiry which is pertinent to your area and size of accommodation will be forwarded to you for your personal attention.   The main audience attracted by the Group Booking services is UK based outdoor enthusiasts and groups of families.

advertise your hostel for group bookings


Social Networking

Your Natters are tweeted via our Twitter profile @indiehostelsuk, and posted onto our Facebook page. If you have your own social networks we will automatically re-tweet your Twitter posts and endeavor to share as many of your Facebook posts as we can.  We can also help with setting up  social networking, see our Extra “Social Networking Service” below.

advertise your hostel on social media


The IHG Blog

The IHUK blog acts as another platform to promote your accommodation.  It is hugely popular with our readers and Google alike.  We have a team of travel and outdoor writers  who will stay at your accommodation and write about what they got up to in and around it.   The objective is not to provide a  critique of the accommodation but to promote your local area.  Blogs promote  the activities and sights nearby with your accommodation included as an ideal place to stay.   Bloggers can be individuals, families or groups.   Blogs are free, all we ask from you is some reduced price accommodation for the blogger.  For more details click here. 

advertise your hostel on the Independent Hostel Guide blog

For £60 you can have up to 9 additional photos on the website and  5 additional photos in the guidebook.

You can opt to have extra photos featured online and and 5 photos alongside your feature in the  guide book. Those with then best picture have the opportunity to have a stunning photo featured full spread in the editorial pages of guide.  The photo montage page will appear next to your main feature in the guidebook, giving your bunkhouse a double page spread.  The photos will  scroll along the top of your website feature.

Other services available from Independent Hostels UK 

Independent Hostels UK provides a range of additional services to bunkhouses.  These are based on the knowledge we have gained promoting hostels, bunkhouses and camping barns on the web over the last 25 years.  You can find our more about these on the links below.

Website Design and Hosting  



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