Why are hostels AWESOME places to stay?

There are many reasons why hostels are AWESOME places to stay… but here are 5 reasons to whet your appetite.

1. They have knowledgeable staff

Why do people open hostels in the most rural and remote places in the UK? Because they absolutely love the location! Whether it is windswept moorland, private islands or places that are only accessible by foot, you will be sure to meet passionate people with a great knowledge of the local area who can point you in the direction of great walks, cafes, local events and cycle routes.

2. The hostels can help you plan activities

Many hostels are prime locations for hiking or biking in the mountains. Or are a convenient stop-off while navigating a long-distance route. Many of our hostels are located by the seaside with everything the coast entails; swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, coastal walks and visiting picturesque fishing villages. Some of our hostels are part of a more prominent tourist attraction such as a water parkfarm park or climbing wall! Lots of our hostels provide activities that you could get involved in such as organised walks, bar crawls or outdoor adventure.

3. Ensuite, dorm, private… The choice is yours

Gone are the days when hostels mean sharing a dorm room with 20 snoring strangers  – though that can be arranged if you want! Hostel sleeping arrangements can vary from very basic such as a raised platform inside a camping barn where you need to provide your own bedding to boutique stays where every bed has its own charging port, reading light, personal locker and ensuite. Remember to read about your hostel before your stay so you know what to expect.

4. They are in the most beautiful locations for the lowest price

The amazing thing about hostels is that they are consistently better priced than any other form of accommodation, even when they are in prime locations! Such as mountains, coastlines or national parks.  They also provide more amenities in terms of kitchens, gardens and drying rooms.  But do not expect room service or a bellboy in a hostel! What hostels lack in luxury they make up for in great atmosphere and opportunities to get involved. Hostels are the perfect accommodation for the smart traveller who loves saving money and learning about the local area.

5. Large communal areas are perfect for family gatherings

One thing that unifies all hostels is their communal area. This is one of the things that sets hostels apart as a form of accommodation. Communal spaces mean hostels provide a social space, great for chatting with other guests or for spreading out if you sole hire as a group. The communal areas, designed by people who love to hostel themselves,  have had a lot of care and thought put into them. Here are some of the communal areas you would expect to find: Lounges with sofas, TVs and a wood-burning stove. Games rooms with board games or even ping pong tables.

About Bronia Kidd

Bronia was digital media manager at the Independent Hostel network until Autumn 23 and she still helps out from time to time. Bronia loves crochet and her dog called Toastie.