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Independent Hostels UK is the largest hostel network in the UK.  Other networks in the UK include the Youth Hostel Association, SYHA, Scottish Independent Hostels and Independent Holiday Hostels which covers Northern Ireland.

There are hostel networks all over the world. Two of the strongest independent hostel networks in Europe are Swiss Backpackers and Independent Hostels of Germany.   Further afield are the well established independent networks of New Zealand Backpackers (BBH) and Backpackers Canada.  Hosteling International HI, the international association of youth hostels, has networks in many countries.  Details of these and other hostel networks and given below with links to their websites.

In recent years  with the dominance of large booking engines, such as Hostelworld and, independent hostels are getting fewer direct bookings to their own websites. In many cases these small independent businesses are being held to ransom by the large booking engines,  who take between 10-20% of the overnight price in booking fees.   Support your hosts by booking direct on the hostels own website or the network websites below.


Hostel Networks – Best Price Guarantee 

This campaign to encourage guests to make bookings direct with the hostels, guarantees you will get the best price for direct bookings at all the hostels listed on this site.  (This also applies to all the accommodation on the Independent Hostel Guide site who include the Best Price Guarantee logo as one of their symbols)

Hostel networks worldwide

Hostel Networks –  Independent Hostels UK

The UK’s largest hostel network and publishers of the Independent Hostel Guide.  Click here to see  Hostels in WalesHostels in Scotland,  and  Hostels in England

Hostel networks worldwide

Hostel Networks –  Swiss Hostels  

Quality independent hostels and budget hotels in Switzerland.  Swiss Hostels offer accommodation for individual travellers, families and groups. Checking-in at any of the 40 Hostels, you will feel at home with the friendly and helpful staff.  Come and stay different in Swiss Hostels!

Hostel networks worldwide

Hostel Networks – Independent Hostels of Germany  

A network of 50 hostels in 27 cities all around Germany which specialise in giving a service to individual guests rather than groups. They are all independently run and promise you a ‘holiday with a heart’.  All hostels forfil a quality criteria set by the organisation and offer self catering facilities or cheap meals.


Hostel networks worldwide

Hostel Networks – Independent Holiday Hostels of Ireland 

Independent Holiday Hostels of Ireland (IHH) was founded in the early 1990s. Since then, the membership has grown to over 80 members throughout the island of Ireland.  Each hostel is equipped with a kitchen/common room, linen/bedding, and hot showers. IHH hostels strive to provide a high level of customer care, cleanliness and courtesy to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

Hostel networks worldwide

Hostel Networks – Backpackers Canada 

Backpackers Hostels Canada / Auberges Backpackers Canada is a marvellous network of nearly 120 independent hostels across Canada. You will want to stay at a backpackers hostel during your travels in Canada. Not only will you save money so you can spend it on adventure rather than accommodation, but you will meet intelligent, fun, and interesting people from all over the world. By travelling via our network of hostels, you will find Canada to be an exciting destination in all seasons!

Hostel networks worldwide

Hostel Networks – BBH – New Zealand Backpackers Hostels

BBH produces the famous printed World Traveller Accommodation Guide.  It is the most established independent hostel network in New Zealand and provides comprehensive detail for over 220 great quality hostels.  Committed to helping you stay longer, BBH offer a price guarantee – $4 savings per person per night with a BBH club card.
 Hostel networks worldwide

Hostel Networks – ILH – Israel Hostels

Israel’s first independent Hostel network. Our mission is to support independent travellers in Israel and to provide them with a high-quality travel experience through our 40 quality assured hostels

 Hostel networks worldwide

Hostel Networks – Swedish Youth Hostels in Cooperation

SVIF was founded in 1991 and is an association of free-standing youth hostels and independent hostels in Sweden. Each youth hostel is run according to their own set of principles. The collaboration between the hostels is primarily targeted at marketing and other common interests.


Hostel networks worldwide

Hostel Networks – Europe’s Famous Hostels

Europe’s Famous Hostels is an association of individually owned, independent hostels. The association was founded in 1995 when it was made up of just 5 members. In 2021 there are 36 hostels in Europe and Israel.

 Hostel networks worldwide