Host a Blogger

Readers like to hear about people’s experiences on holiday and Google loves new text and photos. That’s why a quarter of our homepage is dedicated to the weekly blog provided by our Host a Blogger scheme.   IHUK has a team of travel writers and photographers who offer to blog for us as part of their holidays.  We ask the accommodation in the Host a Blogger scheme to provide a discount for the blogger’s first night’s stay. Guidelines for the discounts are:- a free night’s accommodation for a single blogger; a night’s accommodation at half price for a family or couple; or a 25% reduction on the first night for a group. At quiet times some hostels and bunkhouses offer a larger one-off discount to attract a blogger.

Each visit is agreed between the hostel and the blogger with IHUK acting as the intermediary. A host is never obliged to take a blogger and we have 98% success for receiving the text and photos after the visit.  The blog is not a review, it is story about someone’s holiday and the things they did in the area. Google notices the names of local attractions, landmarks and activities in the blog and each blog is linked to the hostel or bunkhouse where the blogger stayed.  The publication of a blog is announced on our social media and after a week’s exposure on our homepage the blog remains on the accommodation’s NEWS AND OFFERS tab, indexed by Google.   We also print selected blogs in the Holiday Ideas section of the Independent Hostels Guidebook.

You can also ask one of your guests to write a blog about their holiday if you don’t want to wait for a contact from our Host a Blogger scheme.  All we need is around 300 words of text and some cheerful photos.

The hostels, bunkhouses and camping barns taking part in the scheme are shown on the map below.  If your accommodation is not on the list and you would like to add it  contact IHUK .

To join our team of travel writers  contact IHUK .

Hostels currently looking to host a blogger: