About Alice Lockett

Previously a valued member of staff at IHUK, Alice now works as a planning officer in Derbyshire. She still enjoys staying in independent hostels and likes to blog about her family holidays!

Congratulations! By choosing independent hostels you are already one step towards being a great green hosteller! However here are 10 more things you can to do become a truly green traveller.

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How to be a green hosteller

A literary break in Nidderdale, the heart of Yorkshire

Our book group has being going for 5 years now and every year we have dreamt of getting away together for a weekend of chat, walking, book talk and maybe just a little bit wine! At last, in 2017, most of us have kids who can be left with dads and husbands who are capable of surviving a weekend with the kids so we decided to go for it and Nidderdale Bunkhouse provided the perfect location.

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nidderdale bunkhouse

Summer Holidays available now

Are you looking to book your summer break? Our Hostels have been adding lots of summer holiday availability to our website. Take a look below at summer holidays available now.

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Dark Sky Status Spells a Bright Future

Lovers of the night sky were rewarded this week as Dark Sky status was awarded to the Island of Coll and to the Northumberland Dark Sky Park (a combination of Northumberland National Park and Kielder Water and Forest Park).  Both areas with a good choice of Independent Hostels.

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Dark sky shows the Aurora Borealis on Isle of Sky

A Weekend in the Woods at Shining Cliff Hostel

Rather unseasonable for this year the first Saturday in March was a glorious warm cloud free day. The ancient woodlands where we spent the weekend gloried in the signs of spring already showing a hint of the Bluebells that will cover the understory in six weeks or so.

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Woods at Shining Cliff Hostel