Looking for accommodation for a group of families?

accommodation for a group of families

Independent Hostels & Bunkhouses are the perfect accommodation for groups of families getting together for some fun away from home.

If you are looking for accommodation for a group of families then look no further.  Independent Hostels and Bunkhouses provides perfect accommodation for family get-togethers.  Set up with bunk rooms, family bed rooms, communal areas and self catering kitchens, they provide great accommodation for a group of families.

With so many independent hostels and bunkhouses in central areas such as the Peak District, Yorkshire and the Lakes,  as well as many more outlying locations, there is sure to be a bunkhouse or hostel ideal for your get- together.

Hardraw Old School Bunks, great accommodation for a group of families.

.It is lovely, now and again, to go on holiday with other families and spend time together away from the drudgery of the school run.  We are a group of four families who love to spend time together and often go camping, but one of our group does not enjoy camping.  Hostels and bunkhouses provide the perfect solution.   Warm, dry, affordable and with plenty of large spaces for the kids to go wild in.  We fancied a trip away together at the end of the October half term.  After a quick search using the Independent Hostels Enquiry System  we found a bunkhouse near Wensleydale. Just far enough away to feel like a holiday but not too long a journey.

Hardraw Old School Bunks, great accommodation for a group of families.

Many hostels and bunkhouses in the Independent Hostel Guide have bed rooms of between 4 and 8 beds (mostly bunks).  This  is perfect for groups of families, allowing each family to have a room to themselves.  Particularly useful if your kids are a bit younger than the others and need to get to sleep earlier or you just want to have a bit of peace and quiet to yourself for a while.  On this occasion we took our own sleeping bags (although this is not always the case) and slept really well in our cocoons on comfortable beds.


We were able to take part in some of the outdoor activities provided by the bunkhouse owners.  My husband was thrilled to be able to take our kids to his old caving stomping grounds of Long Churn and Alum Pot under Ingleton whilst I was happier drinking tea and eating cake in a local café.

Playing board games at Hardraw Old School Bunkhouse, great accommodation for a group of families.
Playing board games in a Bunkhouse, great accommodation for a group of families.

One of the best things about the weekend was that the WiFi was temporarily broken!  This meant the kids had to get off their phones and iDevices and actually talk to us! After a bit of moaning they quite quickly found board games to play and we all became engrossed in “Escape Forbidden Island” which encourages cooperation rather than competition making it much more fun to play especially for the little ones who don’t really like to lose!


To make up for the excitement of the caving day on Saturday, our Sunday was more relaxed, we took our time to have breakfast and pack up before leaving the bunkhouse. We all took a stroll to the astonishing Hardraw Force, England’s tallest single drop waterfall before eating a delicious lunch at a local café.  It was sad to say goodbye butt we had some good memories to talk about on the school run on Monday.

You can use the Independent Hostels  Enquiry System  to find perfect accommodation for your group of families.

Often family groups like to stay in accommodation which is close to a pub.  The Independent Hostel Network has over 100 hostels and bunkhouses within walking distance of a pub.