About Adam Redshaw

Adam is a keen walker with a passion for the countryside. He is also the editor of UK Cache Mag, the magazine dedicated to geocaching.

Whilst I was staying on Exmoor I took the opportunity to get to the coast at Watchet to enjoy a sunset, and to go and buy local produce from the Taunton farmers’ marke

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Exmoor, Less is more.

Geocaching around Bala

Geocaching is a gps based treasure hunt to find hidden containers in interesting locations. Bala is an area that has some geocaches that I have been keen to visit and I was totally blown away by the views and the quality of what I found when geocaching Bala.

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Countryside around Bala

Geocaching around Ambleside

I spent Easter weekend in the Lake District researching an article and looking for a selection of hidden items. I was geocaching. If you have not heard of geocaching, it is possibly the fastest growing outdoor activity in the UK.

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geochaching near ambleside