What mysteries lie within the Cumbrian landscape?

Balanced between the traditional border of Scotland and England… where blood was spilled defending cultures and territories, between people we now call our neighbours.

Hadrian’s Wall is a massive attraction to our guests at Hillside Farm Bunkhouse, personally what fascinates me is the pure age of it- dating back to 128 AD!

But Hadrian’s wall is far from the only attraction in our southern corner of Cumbria. Carlisle is as old as Hadrian’s Wall itself, being once known as Luguvalium in the Roman era. It all started when the governor¬†built a wooden fort on the site of this now historic town, and soon civilian settlement built up nearby.

Come and explore for yourself… Make the most of your time by imagining the contrasts of different eras throughout time, and through new eyes you’ll soon discover incredible traces of history.


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