The Yorkshire Dales make for a serene retreat location

waterfall ingleton

Ingleton is an area loved by many, the gentle grassy hills contrasted with the sheer cliffs favoured by climbers. Natural beauty is all around which makes Ingleton Hostel a top choice when organising retreats.

The natural features of the landscape lend themselves to moments of quiet reflection. We have a variety of groups that staying here on retreats. We offer sole use throughout the year and especially during the winter months which is popular for groups that wish to go on a retreat. There is lots of space for guests to relax in and we offer good cooking facilities. Solo retreats are also welcome, many have found the area very picturesque and makes for great painting. The viaduct or nearby waterfall make lovely subjects. An outdoor pool is open just next door from us  (end of May onwards) perfect for relaxation.

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