The Reckoning House

…a more lovely, peaceful spot you could not ask for…

The Reckoning House. That’s a rather eye- (or should that be ear-) catching name, isn’t it?

This camping barn is in Over Haddon, near Bakewell. Over Haddon is a beautiful and tiny village blessed by its proximity to Lathkill Dale.

Lathkill Dale is a National Nature Reserve replete with SSSIs and a fascinating range of flora and fauna. It is most often a dry  valley and, with its steep scree’d sides, can seem like a world apart. 

At Mandale, where The Reckoning House sits are remnants of the areas industrial heritage. Lead mines brought workers from Roman times onwards. Here there are the remains of an aqueduct and a pumping house – vain attempts to keep the mines free of floodwater. The Reckoning House itself is another remnant: the place where miners would gather to work out their wages , as they were paid for piece work. Hence the name ‘reckoning’.

As a camping Barn, it does pretty well for itself. It has been renovated to a high standard, with gas for cooking and hot water, heating in all the rooms and roomy dining tables in the communal area for convivial evenings.

Of course, it is in the heart of The White Peak, so there’s easy access to all the walking, cycling and outdoor adventures you’d expect, but a more lovely, peaceful spot you could not ask for.



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