The Environment at Wild Valley Huts – a special place!

A positive environment can help to reduce stress, improve mood, improve health and boost overall well-being. Spending time in in the outdoors with nature, can contribute to a positive environment that can improve happiness.

Being at Wild Valley Huts in Maengwynedd, the environment provides great benefits. We can’t measure an environment in money but certainly in the way that we feel. We get repeated feedback from guests about how the environment here makes their stay special:

‘Had a fantastic stay. Brilliantly peaceful with no interuptions. Exactly what we needed.’

‘Amazing! Peaceful and quiet!…’

‘Thankyou for the stay. Peaceful, quiet, lovely surroundings, amazing walks and a lot of positive vibes.’

‘Lovely & secluded location away from city life. The peace and quiet is just what we needed.’

‘This was the perfect place for us to come and relax. Such a beautiful setting and so quiet!’

If you’d like to immerse yourself in a relaxing environment, have a look at our bunkhouse & shepherd huts at:

Come and be part of this hidden gem!

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Exterior view of wooden bunkhouse, lawn and picnic table

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