The Cairngorms in winter…just epic!

Taking a break from Ballater Hostel and the opportunity to explore a local Munro in full winter conditions. Something I’d wanted to do for a while and never had the time (or always found an excuse!).

With just perfect weather conditions (blue skies with not even a wind, a whisper, a murmur) I had a stunning hike up Broad Cairn, a local Munro to us at Ballater Hostel and one that is quite often completed alongside 4 others, to complete what is known as the White Mounth circuit. I had a brief moment when I contemplated doing this…until I realised how long this would take me in the knee/thigh/waist deep snow ahead of me! The scenery was amazing and just showed what a completely awesome place I live in. I can’t wait to do the same route in the summer and not have to crawl to the top (it seriously was easier than trying to battle my way through thigh deep snow with multiple boulders). I was exhausted by the end of it but it was just utterly satisfying. Taking the burner to brew up a hot chocolate mid-way round was also a bonus 🙂

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