Stay on the Sustainabilty Centre. Enjoy the South Downs.

No wonder they’ve won awards!

The Wetherdown Lodge and Campsite has its home on the Sustainablity Centre in The South Downs so straight away you know its a proud Eco-Hostel. The centre promotes environmental awareness and low impact living and The Lodge sets an example. It has tipis and yurts as well as the Lodge; solar heated showers; biomass heating, wool insulation and solar panelled roof. No wonder they’ve won awards for it!

But what about activities I hear you cry? 

The centre themselves organise a whole raft of events all year. Check out the social media to keep up with them. With The South Downs and The New Forest on the doorstep, you’ll not be stuck for lovely countryside. They’re really close to the South Downs Way and the historical Shipwright’s Way, the stunning Hanger’s Way and the Wayfarer’s Way are all within striking distance. There’s some wonderful cycle routes as well as established MTB trails at nearby Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

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Exterior view of Wetherdown Lodge at The Sustainability Centre in the South Downs National Park

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