Skiddaw House diversifies the ways it is eco-concious

Skiddaw in the clouds

Skiddaw House is an off-grid game keeper’s lodge situated one and half thousand feet up, on the side of Skiddaw Mountain in the Lake District. Sue, the manager, is passionate about running Skiddaw House in an environmentally sympathetic way

Water and Electricity

Given its location, this is not just for ideological reasons but also necessity! Skiddaw House is completely off-grid with no mains electricity, gas or water supplies. Drinking water comes from a nearby spring and electricity is almost entirely generated by solar panels  (only on the darkest days in winter is the generator fired up). Hot showers are available any time, using water initially heated by solar thermal panels to reduce the use of bottled gas.

Waste and Chemicals

The surrounding area is home to rare species of mountain and moorland wildlife, Sue is especially conscious of the hostel’s impact on the surrounding environment. The hostel has a private septic tank and only uses Ecover cleaning products. The amount of waste is minimised as guests are encouraged to recycle and compost as much as possible. This is necessary as there is only one journey a week to the rubbish collection point.

Heating and Insulation

The building is heated by wood burning stoves, using wood sourced from the hostel’s own managed woodland. Yearly tree-planting ensures a sustainable supply for future wardens. Sheep’s wool insulation throughout keeps the hostel cosy.  Given its location the hostel provides a surprising level of comfort. The bedrooms are carpeted to insulate the room further.

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