Laser Combat at Cornmill Bunkhouse, perfect for stag and hens

Laser Combat at Cornmill Bunkhouse

As good as paintball but without the bruises. Perfect for stag and hen weekends or birthday celebrations.

Cornmill Laser Combat is a unique sport for 8 year old to 80 year old for 2 teams up to 7 a side.

This equipment has been imported from the USA and is very high tech with a capability of a range of over 200 metres, it is played on a man-made course with a fort at each end and plenty of cover and the object of the game is to shoot out the other team. Each player starts each game with 10 lives and 1,200 rounds of ammunition. Each game lasts up to 20 minutes and each package will have around 6 games.

This is ideal for Stag/Hen and Birthday parties or a family outing and when linked in with a stay in the Bunkhouse can make an ideal short-stay holiday. Bookings for groups of 6 to 21 with a price of £25 per adult and £20 per child (under 12).  Clay Pigeon Shooting is also available and is an oppotunity to have a go at real shooting with 10 bird “Down The Line’ and 10 bird “Over The Top” for only £25 per person.

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