High Street Hostel

As good as they say it is.

A mighty claim has arrived from High Street Hostel in Edinburgh: “The High Street Hostel has become a hugely popular destination for world travellers since opening in 1985 and is one of Europe’s best regarded and most atmospheric hostels.” Let’s just have a closer look at the veracity of this shall we…

“Hugely popular with world travellers”: Firstly – loads of people have left reviews for this hostel, nearly 500 on one site alone. Considering the ratio of reviews to silence, that shows a huge number of visitors. As far as world travellers go – that checks out too with visitors from Asia, America, Australia and Europe checking in. The photographs on their lively website and social media feed back this up too!

“Best regarded and most atmospheric” Overwhelmingly positive visitor reviews and recommendations left, right and centre from travel writers seem to say it is well regarded. What about atmospheric? From the engaging and vibrant website to the wacky mix of suits of armour and home-made murals, the atmosphere of the High Street Hostel is fun irreverent and yet somehow in keeping with Edinburgh’s historic legacy.

Why is all this true then? The location helps – it is right in the narrow streets and stone-built mansions of Edinburgh’s old town, close to The Royal Mile and all the attractions of Edinburgh. Check out Google maps and see all the blue-flagged locations nearby. But also the hospitality and good humour we’ve come to expect from Scotland. 

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