From your door step to a hill top at Wild Valley Bunkhouse.

berwyns mountains in the snow

Staying at the Wild Valley Bunkhouse allows you to easily access the Berwyn Hills. Easy to bypass on the drive to Llangollen and Snowdonia, missing the Berwyn Hills is a big mistake! Quieter than Snowdonia, you can have these mountains and all the incredible views to yourself!

We had a wintery walk in the Berwyn’s up Mynydd Tarw, it’s the child summit of Cadair Berwyn. During our walk, we saw no-one at all, not even in the Tanat Valley below where we started. It was a unique walk as in the valley there was no snow, completely green fields with cute baby lambs jumping around. However, on the tops there was snow, lots of snow! It was beautiful!

If you’re staying at Wild Valley Huts Bunkhouse, this may be a walk for you – you can see the top of Mynydd Tawr from your doorstep. It’s a content feeling sitting outside in the sun and looking at the view thinking I’ve just climbed that.

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Exterior view of wooden bunkhouse, lawn and picnic table

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