Evenings at the Bunkhouse

Improving the way our guests enjoy the outdoor space at the Bunkhouse!

We love, & guests love our cosy Bunkhouse. It has a designated outdoor space to relax, enjoy the views, have a BBQ/fire & eat alfresco!
The Bunkhouse has had an update to the outdoor seating area; removing some of the grass that was there before and replacing it with gravel, which now has the firepit/BBQ and outdoor seating on.

As before (but on less wet, muddy ground), guests can look out onto the beautiful landscape; immersing themselves in the scenery & peacefulness with more space & comfort. A box provides free kindling & logs for your fire. (Charcoal is not provided).

The new outdoor setting area brings…
Being immersed in tranquility, quiet & nature.
In a sun trap.
The views continue to be as fabulous as always.
Group BBQ and eating alfresco.

The Bunkhouse, come and enjoy with friends or family and make the most of being outside during the summer evenings!

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Exterior of wooden bunkhouse

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