Earby Hostel now providing meals

Re-opening on 1st April, Earby Hostel will soon have the option of breakfast and evening meals.

Earby Hostels is now providing meals when booked in advance.  There will be a choice of three options in the evenings and breakfast is available as a cooked breakfasst (for £5), or a porridge/cereal and toast  option for £3.50.

The former youth hostel in Earby, gives access to the countryside for walkers, cyclists and is an iconic stop on the Pennine way.  A charming terraced cottage in a  Lancashire hill village, with fells all round, offers easy access to the long distance path as well as general hill walking.

The hostel is cosy and well- equipped and sits in a lovely garden with a stream and waterfall. Its sleeps 21 and there is a self contained 5 bed family unit next door.

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