Cockling on Llansteffan Beach

Pantyrathro Hostel

Pantyrathro Hostel 5 minutes walk off the Wales Coastal path, just 2 miles from the beach at Llansteffan.

Cockles have been collected at Llansteffan for centuries.  Gathered by local people and sold to Sunday school outings arriving by charabang in the summer.  At the moment the cockle population is healthy but all cockle gathering, is prohibited until June 1st.  If open after that date then the limit for pleasure pickers will be 8kg per day per person.   Pantyrathro International Hostel is 2 miles from Llansteffan beach, just 5 minutes walk off the Wales Coast Path.  So if you fancy a bit of Summer Cockle picking combined with pleasant walks and a visit to the bustling market town of Carmarthen, Pantyrathro Hostel could be the answer to your holiday quest.

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