The Centre of the Universe, they say.

Bookshop, arts venue, cafe-bar. Much more than a hostel.

The Ceilidh Place in Ullapool say they are “At the end of the A835 and at the centre of the universe.” They might just be right! An amazing scenic journey along a road that could qualify as one Iain Banks’ “Great Wee Roads” delivers you to a hostel that is much more than a hostel. Combining arts venue, bookshop and cafe-bar, the Ceilidh Place lives up to its name as a lively music and social hub. Have a glance at their website,, and you’ll see the plethora of upcoming concerts hosted right here. Which doesn’t even touch on the Ullapool Book Festival, or the range of fine whiskies, or the charming fishing village, or the epic scenery. I’ll bet you’re writing a booking email right now. 


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