Cadarn Bunkhouse

…you can be sure of a fabulous experience at Cadarn…

Whenever we talk about Cadarn Bunkhouse, we talk about two things. We mention the glorious countryside and the riding stables. I suppose both go hand in hand as well. On the one hand, the riding would not be as popular as it is if it weren’t taking place from this secluded wooded farm near the Black Mountains and the Wye Valley. And on the other, there are few better ways to experience the landscape than mounted. There’s no other activity that matches the mix of athleticism and peace that riding can bring. That’s why the  bunkhouse is hugely popular with horse riders, in fact my wife swears she  came here on a riding club trip from university – that would have been more than 20 years ago. 

With that much experience in accommodation and equine holidays, you can be sure of a fabulous experience at Cadarn.

The bunkhouse is very traditional. It sleeps up to 48 in The Old Stables and The Tack Barn. Rest assured they’ve cleared out all the hay and saddles and what have you. Downstairs is kitchen/dining room with stone walls and beams above. The lounge features deep soft leather chairs and sofas that you’ll not want to get up from. 





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