Ballater Hostel’s brand new, very swish IHUK sign!

Very excited to unveil the latest addition to our hostel…a brand-new independent hostel sign!!

I’ve been Hostelling for years. Whenever I pulled up at a hostel and saw the green YHA or blue IHUK sign I got a feeling of excitement. “That’s where we’re staying” I’d think. The start of an adventure. Staying in a hostel was just so much fun. Staying in a bunk bed, cooking in the kitchen, playing games in the lounge, discovering all the rooms, being away from home, meeting people, planning walks. Just awesome adventurous holidays. You can spot a place, but when it has one of these signs outside of it, it sparks different emotions. Having this sign outside our hostel means so much. It’s not just, “we have a hostel”, it’s what this sign stands for.

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