Ballater Hostel is open for Winter 2020!

With day access, minimum 15% discount, reduced minimum occupancy requirements and no charge for cancellations!

Come and stay at Ballater Hostel this Winter.

Things will be a little different (for instance we currently can’t offer our lovely shared mixed dorm rooms & it’s one household per room unfortunately) but hopefully this will make guests feel more comfortable and safer.

Communal areas (kitchen, dining room, lounge, drying room) have had to be closed except for whole hostel bookings but there will now be a tea tray in every room (how posh is that)!

We understand we are not offering everything we normally would thus we have put in some rather exciting changes…

• Whilst the communal areas are out of bounds we are offering day access!! Yep, you read that right, no more having to vacate during the day.

• Minimum 15% discount – we understand we are not offering everything we normally would, thus to allow for this we have knocked off at least 15% off our standard pricing.

• Up to 65% off for individual occupancy – we understand for those hostellers who just want a bed in a shared mixed dorm at a budget rate there is nothing out there for you at the moment. We are therefore heavily discounting the majority of our rooms to enable these individuals to still have a place to stay.

• We’ve reduced the minimum occupancy of rooms to one (that’s right, just one, even in our 8 bed dorm!)

• No charge for cancellations made more than a week in advance of arrival (that non-refundable deposit is fully refundable!)

We will be following COVID guidelines, cleaning advice and a bit of common sense to keep us and you safe.


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