1200 Miles, 60 days, 1 girl pushing a bed!

Yes you did read correctly. Please read Rosies cause; “Hi! Read the full article…

Yes you did read correctly. Please read Rosies cause;

“Hi! I am Rosie Mai and I am pushing a bed up the UK, sleeping in it every night and doing it all in pyjamas. It will take 60 days and will be a 1200 mile trip and I am doing it all to rasie money to set up a Children’s Home.

I set out to rasie £200,000 to set up a non-profit Residential Support Unit for children who have severe behaviour issues, making them unsuitable for adoption or fostering.

I began it all with £200 in my pocket and no experience in fundraising, but a huge wealth of passion and energy. I organised my first fundraiser and raised just over £2,000 and from these humble beginnings I will grow this charity until I am able to change the lives of many young people, whilst always keeping the ethics that came from the roots of Full Reach.

All the money reaches the cause in full allowing children to reach their full potential. This is where the name Full Reach grew from.

Please check out my website for more info!!! www.fullreach.co.uk”

What an incredible young women and I had the pleasure of meeting her and her mother and I really do hope she has great sucess!

Please support her in anyway possible!