Exploring inner city culture @ Hatters hostels

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We stayed at one of the two Hatters hostels located in Manchester city centre.  The original Hatters on Newton Street features some very impressive artwork across the side of the building.  Hatters on Hilton Street has a balcony on the very top of the building that overlooks the bustling streets, I can honestly say it gives the guests a breath of fresh air.  The restaurant on the bottom floor offers a tantalizing selection of food and compelling array of cocktails and cask ales to accommodate.

The original Hatters Hostel, an old Hat factory in central Manchester
The original Hatters Hostel, an old Hat factory in central Manchester

After visiting the university of Manchester, we needed a place to stay nearby and felt that somewhere central was going to be the easiest to get to. Although it took approximately 20 minutes on foot it was a good opportunity to explore and get to know our surroundings. We stopped off for a little drink and enjoyed the park whilst the sun came down, overlooking the atmospheric water feature in the city centre.

We booked into Hatters on Hilton Street and as the night drew to a close we decided to wander deeper into Manchester city, to find somewhere tranquil to admire the city lights. At around 9 pm the city seemed to come to life once again and flooded our eyes with bright colorful shimmers.


After indulging in the city scenes, we ventured back to Hatters and explored the facilities; the newly refurbished corridors and living quarters added a vibrant and refreshing touch to the traditional outlook, complimenting its simple yet sleek design.

The following morning, we woke to a beautiful sunny day in Manchester. The sun beamed down through the window as we packed for home, after a little breakfast we began the walk back to the car and mistakenly experienced some more street culture along the way as there happened to be a carnival created by the surrounding schools and clubs.

To summarise, our visit to Manchester was quite an unexpected experience in a very positive and friendly manner; I would definitely recommend Hatters as it offers a diverse and interesting alternative to city living.

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