Lollis Homestay Dresden

My name is Hetty and I’m a 15 year old student who earlier this year took a trip to Dresden in Germany and Stayed in Lollis Homestay.  I received a very warm welcome and met lovely people at Lollis Homestay, and would love to go back or do something similar in the future.

The public transport throughout the city was so accessible and made my stay at Lollis Homestay stress-free and exciting as i could go anywhere within the city very easily. Each day I was there for a wrote a blog about the interesting things i had done and where i had been that day and uploaded them to Lollis Homestay’s website.

As I’ve written in this blog about Dresden,  Lollis Homestay was a wonderful place to stay during my trip to Dresden.

On my first day i couldn’t resist visiting the AltStadt (old town), as it’s architecture is gorgeous;  I took a tram from the Neustadt to the Altstadt, where I then walked to Theaterplatz, where all the beautiful buildings are located.

On my seccond day i wrote about Dresden Neustadt (new town). The hostel is very central within Dresden Neustadt so everything was accessible to me by foot. I explored the new town and wrote about a few things, including a very interesting play park called Panama and the different forms of street art.

On my last day i wrote a blog about the beautiful Porcelain that i had seen around the city and a little bit about it’s history. There is one beautiful dairy shop (the Pfundsmolkerei) that’s interior was completely decorated in gorgeous porcelain tiles.

If anyone is planning trip to Dresden i highly recommend Lollis Homestay as a homely and funHostel! 🙂

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About Hetty Oldfield

Hetty has been staying in hostels since she was a toddler and has enjoyed holidays in hostels with family and friends. She now travels independently using hostels all over the world.