Lincolnshire: Unexpected Gem of on an evening pub walk

Staying with a group of friends at the Viking Centre bunkhouse in  Claxby Lincolnshire , we undertook an evening walk along the Viking Way to the King’s Head pub at Tealby.

Lincolnshire thatched pub

Characteristic lack of planning meant we had not fully researched our route, so were delighted to unexpectedly discover the Ramblers Church at Walesby. What a find! The church, dating from the 12th Century (and possibly back to Roman times) having fallen into disrepair,  was restored in the 1930s by Ramblers from the industrial cites.

Lincolnshire ramblers church walkers dedication

The addition in 1950 of a modern stained-glass window is a charming and fitting complement to the ancient faces that peer down at you from the stone pillar as you enter the church.  The window includes ramblers as well as a couple of bicycles!

Lincolnshire ramblers church faces


The Church sits on a hilltop which also houses a beacon – adding to the sense of time and history of this place. The churchyard is managed in order to provide a wildflower habitat, enhancing the wildlife of this ancient spot.

Lincolnshire ramblers church view

We were lucky enough to be walking on a warm, sunny evening across the Lincolnshire countryside; the Ramblers Church made us feel right at home and gave a sense of walking the way that so many have walked before…I recommend that others also follow these ancient footsteps.

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