Fun in the Lincolnshire Wolds

For the past three years my family and five other families from my village have enjoyed a weekend at the Viking Cente in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

This has become a firm yearly favorite with both children and adults alike. Before leaving for the bunkhouse we all plan exactly what each of us needs to bring – we divide up meals by so each family needs to make one main meal – this means no one person spending loads of time in the kitchen and means we don’t duplicate what each other brings. We even decide who will bring the tea and coffee (though the owner always ensures there is some available in case you forget!) before we set of to the Lincolnshire Wolds.

lincolnshire wolds view2
lincolnshire wolds view

There is a riding school in the areas and  we arranged a horse ride through the local, very beautiful, countryside of the Lincolnshire Wolds.    We also spend a day on the beach which is just a 30 mins drive away – as we are from Derbyshire the beach is something we don’t get to easily!  We go body boarding, build sand sculptures, kite flying, play at the local amusements and the men usually have a very competitive game of crazy golf.

lincolnshire wolds horse lincolnshire wolds beach

The kids have a fantastic time running around together and exploring each others rooms in the very comfortable bunkhouse. All in all a weekend I would thoroughly recommend.

By Bridget McCrea