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      Sam Dalley


      I am currently a student in the PGE (Programme Grande Ecole) at the top-ranking business school Sup de Co La Rochelle. During my courses, I have to pass time in an English country, so I am looking for a job over a period of 6 weeks minimum between December 11, 2017 and February 9, 2018. I am more than interested in working in an Youth Hostel, and believe that my education and employment background are appropriate for this.

      My training in Preparatory Class allows me to assure you of my ability to adapt and my habit of working intensively. To this day, I have some work experiences, showing myself to be self-motivated, curious, dynamic and serious. I am skilled in organization and communication, developed through my involvement with my association (Nautic Games La Rochelle) and temporary works. In fact, I have worked for several companies in the retail industry with strong results. My first sales experience was in Super U, a big french distribution group, where I achieved my objectives in the fruits & vegetables department.

      Having decided to study English and German as soon as possible and having taken part in language study holidays in several countries, I am in constant progression and I make available my current knowledge. Moreover, thanks to my rugby training, I appreciate the contact and the teamwork. This job is for me the opportunity to offer you my services, to prove my ability to meet your expectations, but also to enrich my professional experience.

      I am now available for any additional information and for a future interview, which will allow you to learn more about me. You can contact me to have a copy of my resume, which provides more details about my qualifications for the position.
      Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

      Sincerely,  Louis DESCHAMPS    louis.deschamps87@gmail.com

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