ShaggySheepWales domains and trademark for sale

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      Sam Dalley

      For about 20 years, we have managed to maintain natural listings at page 1 on search engines for stag/wales etc search results. Quite an achievement.

      It’s now time for me to hang up my coat and pass on the lucrative enquiries to somebody else.

      I’ve lost interest in the business, need to spend time with my family, and have other non tourism related interests.

      Please pass this email on to any agencies or staff, accommodation providers, you may be think will be interested in instant enquiries from stag groups.

      The first half of 2021 may not be the best year for income, but hopefully the second half and 2022 and beyond will continue to be busy and return to normal.

      Initially I am selling the domains (and .co .net), and the Shaggy Sheep registered trademark. I have other relevant domains that could be included.

      We’ve had 18 enquiries arrive in the last week.  Each enquiry is worth about £500-£1500.

      I’m initially looking around £50k but this could rise depending on the level of interest.

      Thanks for your time.    Chris Snarski 01559 363911

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