Lease soon to be available at Shining Cliff Remote Hostel in Derbyshire

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      Shining Cliff Hostel is an off road hostel in Shining Cliff Woods in Derbyshire.  Owned by the Grith Pioneers, a charity established in the 1930’s to encourage unemployed workers into the countryside. It has been leased by the YHA and more recently by the Lindley Educational Trust.

      The Lindley Education Trust has found that the hostel attracts many bookings by families, groups of adults and some booking from schools.  It has covered its costs despite it remote location and the trust has invested £65,000 in the building over the last five year.    However the Lindley Education Trusts charitable aims are for educating children and the drop in school bookings at the Hostel has made them consider giving up the lease.

      The Grith Pioneers charitable aims are not dependent on attracting Children into the countryside so the current usage is suitable if a new management could be found.

      Would you be interested in taking on this project ?  The lease is only £5000 a year.  The hostel sleeps up to 20 people.  It has mains electric and water, composting toilets and no phone coverage.   There are no neighbours.  Trains (2.5 hrs from london), buses and a food shop are within 30 minutes walk through the woods.  There is a rough track to the hostel door for managements use only and a car-park in the woods 10 mins walks from the hostel for guests use.





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      Sam Dalley

      Earby Hostel now has new managers. Welcome Kate Tuck to the Independent Hostels network.

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