I’ve seen many different hostels and I would like to work in one as a volunteer

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      Sam Dalley

      I’m Johanna and actually from Austria and I will arrive in England in the end of May ( I’m traveling right now through the U.S.).  I love traveling, meeting people from all over the world and learn about their culture.  I‘m a positive, open minded, easygoing and organized person. I have worked with children and adults before I started traveling in March. I really enjoy staying in hostels and the feeling of being at home in a different city. I’ve seen many different great hostels on my trip and so I decided to give something back and work in one as a volunteer. I would love to be a part of your community and help you with any kind of work.  I also have an workaway account and here us a link below to my profile.   If you have any questions about my person feel free to ask! Looking forward to hear from you. All the best Johanna   johanna.loeffl@gmx.a

      (replying to this post will not reach Johanna as she is not a member of the Independent Hostels network – please email her direct on johanna.loeffl@gmx.a)

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