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      Sam Dalley

      Last year I took some time off to go travelling and I stayed in a few Youth Hostels. I realised then that I wanted to work in a youth hostel for the next stage of my career.  I am a qualified Youth and Community Worker with 13 years experience of working in this field. In my current role as a hostel services officer, I support homeless families & individuals with their support needs. For example, many people have needs regarding Domestic Abuse, Mental Health, Substance Misuse, and Criminal Justice. This role means that I am also responsible for the ensuring the maintenance & security of the building (including fire safety). As part of my duties I also organise activities within in the building. These include events such as games nights, quiz’s, seasonal parties.

      I supervise relief and night workers to ensure that the service is run to a high standard, and that advice and support is given to members of the public 24 hours a day.
      In addition to these duties I also handle complex data reports, such as child protection information, and quarterly statistical information. Twice per day I manage a handover with the team to discuss issues of the day. These include managing voids/room vacancies.

      I thoroughly enjoy working in homeless hostel, which isn’t to dissimilar to a Youth Hostel. However, after 13 years of working with people who have complex support issues, I would now like a new challenge, and work with members of the public who have different needs. Ideally I would like a management position, but I am open to other roles.

      F rom: John Bladen

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