Eighteen year old student wishes to work in hostel or bunkhouse for summer 2016

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      Sam Dalley

      My name is Dawid Brożek and I am an eighteen year old student from Poland. I am looking for a job for the summer holidays, which begin in July. I am very enthusiastic and eager to work. I have got working experience and lots of interests such as graphic design, listening to the music and playing bass guitar.I can speak English communicatively and I learn fast.I am confident that I will promptly pick up the new roles and responsibilities. I will work hard to provide excellent contribute to your hotel’s success. This opportunity will provide me with fantastic experience and skills that will be invaluable for me in the future.I would like to work in the United Kingdom during my summer holidays. I will be grateful for response, Kind wishes, Dawid Brożek

      Curriculum Vitae
      Dawid Brożek
      Contact details:
      A: Połomia 262A, 38115, Połomia, Poland
      M: 0048720805338
      E: dawid262a@gmail.com
      helpful and sensible person, able to work well individually
      and as a part of the team; perfectionist, who learns really quickly, hates
      being bored and is always cheerful and optimistic.
      Technical School of Electronics in Rzeszów
      Information Technology Technician
      September 2013 to present
      School Complex in Połomia
      Primary and secondary school
      September 2003 to June 2013
      Graphic design (drawing and altering), music, playing the classic guitar and bass
      IT Skills
      ● Microsoft Office word,
      excel, power point, access;
      ● Adobe Photoshop;
      ● Web design;
      ● Operating systems Windows,
      ● Computer construction.
      Workshop company
      Responsibilities : cleaning and renovation of storage containers; work place
      management (cleaning the workshop, preparing and cleaning tools); assisting
      with reparation of cars.
      GS Połomia Shop assistant
      Responsibilities: stock management (placing, receiving, checking orders);
      providing excellent customers service (informing about products, prices
      managing customers enquiries); store maintenance (cleaning, closing, opening
      the store).
      Apprenticeships in computer Service
      Responsibilities : repairing d a maged computers; installing OS; cleaning
      workplace; maintenance work.
      Band manager and bass player
      Responsibilities: playing bass; organization of concerts
      I am able to provide references upon request.

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