England: Bunkhouses, bunkbarns, camping barns & hostels Map

The maps below shows over 200 Bunkhouses, Camping Barns & Hostels in England.

History of Hostels and Bunkhouses in England

Begun by the Youth Hostel Association, hostels were first established to allow factory workers in the cities to enjoy the fresh air of the English Countryside. Originally a cycling distance apart, the web of hostels run by the YHA has lost some of it interlinking locations with the YHA  concentrating on honey pot areas and city locations. The Independent Hostel network began in the surfing towns of Cornwall and the walking areas of England. The network has now spread to include bunkhouses and hostels in all the prime English outdoor locations. There is a high density of independently run hostels and bunkhouses in the National Parks including The Lake District, The Peak District, Yorkshire and Northumberland. Many of the English Tourist Cities now have hostels, often boutique in style and always in prime city centre locations.  All offer ideal group accommodation.

The list of hostels on the map of England above shows over 200 places to stay.

Look out for the Green Tourism symbol on the hostel’s pages to see hostels who have embraced sustainable energy and recycling in their business. Or do a search of your own using the Requirements option on the tool bar at the top of this site to request your own search showing only the hostels with green ethos.

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