Seaside Harbour Holiday at Cullen Hostel

cullen harbour hostel

Some hostels have an artistic edge to them but at CULLEN HARBOUR HOSTEL this flows through the fabric of the building.  Converted from a fisherman’s store on the water’s edge, the hostel has a smell of warm wood and fresh air.  With skylights in the slate roof and no ceilings you see the sky framed by the internal wood of the building.

Cullen Harbour
Cullen Harbour

There are chunky bunkbeds and deep thick drapes, a farmhouse kitchen with Aga, piano and dresser.  Mix this with with the sound of the sea  and you  get the feel of this unique place.

bunks draps

arga gutar

The bay was peaceful when we stayed and the hostel sleepy.  I read the comments book and found a  description of a night when a merry group stayed and a wild storm hit the coast.  What a contrast that would seem .

seaside cottages
Seaside Cottages -Cullen Harbour Hostel

Sadly Cullen Harbour Hostel is no longer a member of Independent Hostels UK. However we have several other lovely Hostels on this coast line notably The Sail Loft Bunkhouse at Portsoy and Findhorn Village Hostel.  Here is a  map of the Moray Coast showing other lovely places to stay on this little visited coast.