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Carnforth Station while staying at Arnside Hostel

Arriving back at Arnside Hostel all the village lights are on which is serenely picturesque and both comforting and charming in equal measure. The sun has disappeared into the sea for another day.

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Arnside Knott and Yealand Old School

Falmouth Hostel Holiday (now closed)

I plan on spending around 6/7 days on my Falmouth Hostel holiday (closed Nov 2023). My intention is to explore this area of the Cornish Riviera by walking, assisted by various train journeys where and whenever required. My base is Falmouth Backpackers Hostel five minutes stroll from the town’s rail station.

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boats in the river harbour viewed on a Falmouth hostel holiday

Ulverston and Enlightenment

Hoad Monument, it’s correct name being Sir John Barrow Monument stands on top of Hoad Hill, 100 feet high monopolising the landscape around Ulverston. Although it isn’t a lighthouse, it’s design is taken from the third Eddystone lighthouse design, Smeaton’s Tower. From the town there are plenty of signs for the monument with well trodden and easily accessible paths. A pleasant stroll of 20 minutes, I’m alongside the monument. What an impressive beast.

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Hoad Monument near Ulverston

Walney Island

I stretch out on a long wooden bench, gently, gently drifting off. A seagull acts as my alarm call, 30 minutes later! Here on Walney Island within site of the lighthouse I’ve been drugged by the sea air.

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Walney Island Lighthouse

Maughold Venture Centre

I’ve found a secluded Hostel. The rooms are basic, clean, comfortable, perfect if you’re rambling, climbing, cycling or taking time out to immerse yourself amongst the area’s outstanding scenery. Maughold Ventre Centre is a hidden gem on the Isle of Man.

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maughold venture centre

Cardiff ’s Highest Mountain

I’m staying at a Cardiff hostel and planning to ascend Gareth Hill, Cardiff ‘s Highest Mountain. Gareth Hill overlooks the semi rural village of Taff’s Well, the Gateway to the Valleys.

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Caerphilly Castle on a walk from River House Hostel

Cardiff to Barry Island

My base for my five day exploration of Cardiff its coastline and surrounding areas, The River House Hostel a gentle five minute stroll from the cities central rail station.

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Penarth Peir on the walk from Cardiff

Fort Augustus to Laggan – Or so it should have been!

At Laggan Lochs I am asked by the cafe manager, “You’re not thinking of walking it there are you?” knowing I’ve just come in from Fort Augustus. Before I answer she continues “Let me tell you it’s a funny old walk, it seems to be longer, some how farther than you think”

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Drumnadrochit to Fort Augustus – Yep, that’s steep

As I set off for Fort Augustus on the Great Glen Way, it’s a blowy, rainy morning requiring the shelter of a heavy rainproof coat. Once again there are large section of the route along the road but soon I will be climbing the forested sides of Loch Ness.

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Ben Nevis : Snow in June !

From my starting point I’m approximately one hour into my walk up Ben Nevis mountain. It’s raining with a slight headwind, in front are a young couple in jeans, sandals and a showerproof kagools. We are all in the early stages of climbing Ben Nevis. Who would have thought their would be snow ahead?

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the climb up Ben Nevis