About Earby Hostel

Earby Hostel has a long history as a refuge for socialists in the 1920s-1950. Renowned socialist activist Katharine Glasier moved into Glen Cottage in 1922 and after her death in 1950, her friends began a memorial fund which raised enough money to turn the cottages into a hostel. In 1958 the Youth Hostel was officially opened by Katharine’s friend and colleague Miriam Lord.

In 2006 Pendle Council bought the hostel from the Youth Hostel Association and rented it back to them to avoid permanent closure. Ten years later the hostel ownership was transferred to Earby Town Council who set about a plan to ensure the hostel would stay open. Now in early 2019 Matt Oddy and his family have renovated the hostel and welcomed their first guests on 1st April.
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If you are looking for an exciting holiday, look no further than Earby Hostel. We’ve curated a list of exciting activities that you could get up to during your stay in Earby. Whether you’re looking for a family friendly adventure or an action packed minibreak we have got you covered. Not to mention some of the more calming pursuits for an altogether more relaxing weekend

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