Alnwick Castle visit on our Northumberland Holiday

Bamborough Castle near Alnwick

We wanted to Visit Alnwick Castle so we planned a Northumberland holiday based at ALNWICK YOUTH HOSTEL.  Cosily nestled in the midst of the historic town of Alnwick, we enjoyed all the comforts and surprises the hostel had to offer. A games room, complete with pool table, air hockey, football table, free WiFi, Nintendo Wii, TV and even a piano, kept us entertained in the evenings, while in the daytime we set out to explore the towns and castles around Northumberland.

Games Room at Alnwick Hostel
Games Room at Alnwick Hostel

Our trip to Warkworth Castle was a good one: the castle and castle grounds are beautiful and fun to explore.  After we’d explored and had some fun we sat down to enjoy a picnic.  We were fortunate to have come to Warkworth castle on the day that a family event was on. There were some actors who re-enacted a medieval fight scene, my younger friends really enjoyed this and found the jokes hilarious.

Selfies at Warkworth castle, Northumberland
Selfies at Warkworth  Castle, Northumberland.

We went on a beautiful Northumberland coastal bike route, a short drive from the hostel.  The path we cycled on was quite bumpy which made it seem more adventurous compared to the roads I usually cycle on.  We started at Boulmer and cycled to the small village of Craster where we got an ice cream, tied up our bikes, and walked along a footpath to Dunstanburgh Castle.

Craster, cycling the coast near Alnwick. Alnmouth Beach near Alnwick.
Craster, cycling the Northumberland coast. Alnmouth Beach in Northumberland

Walking to Dunstanburgh Castle,  there was no shelter from the sun and blue skies above us.  The yellow in the grass made it look sun-stained and it was so peaceful just walking in the sun with my friends.  Ahead of us was the castle; no matter how far we walked it always seemed the same distance away, but finally we reached it. It was great because in this castle you are allowed to climb up on the walls and explore properly.  At the end of the day we returned to the hostel, where they had cooked us some amazing burritos.  And I mean amazing!

Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumberland
Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumberland

On another day we went to Alnwick Castle,  just around the corner from the hostel. Being a Harry Potter fan, I was ecstatic at being able to go to “Hogwarts”. I knew Harry Potter had mostly been filmed in a studio, but it was still so amazing to be walking around the Northumberland set of Harry Potter, and to be in the muggle equivalent of Hogwarts. There was an excellent tour of the castle, pointing out all the places where different parts of the films had been filmed, but Harry Potter isn’t the only thing that ‘s been filmed there. They also told us all about the  ‘Downton Abbey Christmas Special’ and the film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ that had also been filmed at the castle.  They also told us about the castle itself, I can see why so many films have been set there, the place is beautiful, the shadows and sunlight on the castle made it look majestic and  so, so beautiful.  Alnwick Castle in Northumberland has a range of entertainment in the grounds: soap making, dressing up, quests, broomstick training, tours, etc.. Which are were great fun.

Alnwick Castle
Alnwick Castle

After going to Alnwick Castle, we went on a short walk to Alnwick Gardens, where there was this incredible tree house. It’s amazingly built and beautifully blended into the natural trees. In it are shops and cafes, with rope string bridges to get from one to another. You can walk all around this wonderful  tree house world for free!

The Treehouse in Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland
The Tree house in Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland

Most of the time we self-catered at Alnwick Youth Hostel, but the one meal that they did cook for us was amazing. The eating area is great with plenty of room and supplies. I really like this hostel, its great accommodation and the things we did in Northumberland have left me with really fond memories. One of my favorite holidays so far. Xx

Alnwick Hostel a short walk from Alnwick Castle
Alnwick Hostel a short walk from Alnwick Castle

Also the free WiFi and great signal was amazing for a 13 year old phone addict like me.

There are independent hostels and bunkhouses close to many iconic castles throughout the UK. Providing great value, flexible, friendly accommodation they are perfect for family mini breaks or holidays.

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