Visit Glasgow on a Budget

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The Commonwealth Games has brought new life to the already vibrant city of Glasgow. There’s so much to see, and this blog gives some tips about how to explore the city on a budget.

Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city and is home to 700,000 residents, four major football clubs and three Universities. In addition, the 2014 Commonwealth Games has brought new life to the already vibrant city. However, with so much to see, exploring the city on a budget can appear to be difficult. Fortunately, this isn’t the case and there are a few steps you can take in order to keep your spending to a minimum while having fun.

Three ways to save money in Glasgow: travel, food and accommodation

1 – Transport – Luckily, Glasgow is an easy city to walk around so you won’t need to spend money on travel once you’re there. There are restaurants, landmarks and other activities around every corner so it’s unlikely that you’ll be wandering around for long before you find something to do.

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2 – Food – There numerous parks and nature areas in which you can have picnics, which is cheaper than eating out for every meal. The Botanic gardens are particularly beautiful and educational. Bring your own packed lunch and an umbrella and extra jackets in case of cold weather or rain.

Glasgow Euro Hostel
Glasgow Euro Hostel

3 – Accommodation – Instead of booking a hotel, try booking a hostel.  They offer a range of rooms, from single to multi-person, en-suite or shared, for a fraction of the price. Here is a map showing Glasgow hostels, one example is Independent Hostel’s Euro Hostel,  which has rooms from only £10 per night with breakfast and a private en-suite included. This is a quarter of the price of a standard, brand-named hotel and is located right in the heart of the city so travelling is kept to a minimum. It’s also only a 2 minute walk away from Central Railway Station and is therefore simple to find.

Euro Hostel Glasgow
Euro Hostel reception

Free and cheap attractions

Glasgow is excellent when it comes to cheap attractions. Historical landmarks such as the Glasgow Cathedral and Glasgow Cross are great, low cost places to visit. The cathedral is over 800 years old and provides both summer and winter guided tours. Although a voluntary donation is encouraged, admission is completely free. The stunning Glasgow Cross and Tolbooth Steeple are also renowned landmarks and a huge part of the cities rich history. In addition, there is an abundance of museums and galleries which are also completely free of charge.

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