Stay and Play music gigs at Clink Hostels

Stay and play at Clink Hostel

CLINK78 ‘Stay and Play’ gives musicians and travellers a free bed for the night in the nation’s capital of London, and all they have to do in return is play at Clink78’s smartly refurbished bar, Clashbar, close to the Water Rats  music venue  where Bob Dylan made his first UK debut  and Oasis played their London first gig.

Clink78 is set in a 200-year-old magistrates’ courthouse where Charles Dickens was inspired to write Oliver Twist and where The Clash stood trial.   Stay and Play and your band can boast to have played on the same venue as The Clash !

This unique deal, will help artists and bands from around the world to develop their music careers with the chance to play to an enthusiastic audience of independent travellers and, who knows, maybe  the band and bar will go down in the records of rock history.

stay and play at Clink Hostels
Clink Hostels

One of the beauties of staying at CLINK78 is that you can see these bands for free, and aspiring bands touring the world on a shoe-string get free accommodation in London as the Stay and Play.

Stay and play at Clink Hostel
Stay and play at Clink Hostel

Clink Hostels is booking now for autumn 2013 so, if you’re interested in getting involved, please contact:

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