The Isle of Sanday: Peace and Tranquillity at the Edge of the World

Seal on isle of Sanday in Orkney

The wonderful island of Sanday requires time to really savour all of its charms. Not least among them are the sweeping bays with their white beaches, as well as the abundant local wildlife. Don’t forget to pay them a visit, they’re always happy to have guests.

Found in the Isles of Orkney, the beautiful island of Sanday is one of those special places that radiates peace and tranquillity from every angle.

Rich in history and natural beauty; this wonderful island requires time to really appreciate all of its unique charms. Not least among them are the iconic sweeping bays with their unspoilt white beaches, as well as the abundant wildlife that’s always happy to receive visitors.

White sandy beach on isle of Sanday in Orkney

For nature enthusiasts both amateur and professional, Sanday is an absolute must. The Holms of Spurness are a favourite breeding site of grey seals – which, along with common seals and otters, can be seen on different parts of the island. Bird watching opportunities are also in abundance and, for botanists, Northwaa – a Site of Special Scientific Interest – is rich is plant life.

History buffs are also very well catered for as Sanday is absolutely full of archaeological sites and historic places. Starting with the Neolithic Quoyness Chambered Tomb that dates back to 2000 BC, going all the way through to the Lettan War-time Radar Station of 1940, sites from a whole range of periods are on offer.

As for activities, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Local walking and cycling routes are gorgeous and perfect for seeing the island, and if you want a bit of excitement then kitesurfing and windsurfing will add a bit of spice to your trip. For something more relaxing, try some golf, or even fishing in the local lochs for some trout.